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Apex Pallet Racking

Apex Pallet Rack is well know for it's superior strength, it's resilliance to damage and it's low life cycle cost. To many pallet racking is a simple product but with Apex pallet racking nothing could be further from the truth. The product is well designed with many features that save money and down time in the long term. This is not a cheap pallet racking system but if you are working to a budget sometimes it is better to pay that little bit more to get a product that will last for years. Many in the trade will accept nothing, else having experienced the low cost, cheap pallet only to find the cost of ownership rapidly racking up.

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Features and benefits of Apex Pallet Racking

The Apex pallet rack system is based on the Palmer Shile design that was made by Acrow makers of the ubiquitous pit props that still bear the name and are trusted by builders the world over. The racking system has gained the same reputation to those in the know in the warehousing and storage industry. With improvements in technology this system offersa product that will last many years at prices that compare very well with lesser products on the market.

Stable Pallet racking

Apex pallet racking is renowned for stability which enables it to be used in single bay and single level formats without the need for spine bracing something that many other systems are not deisned to do. This feature is due to the wedge shaped beam connector tangs and the the louvres that protrude from the upright face. Another benefit of this connection is that if forklift damage does occur the whole structure works together and reduces the risk of more serious consequences such as a rack collapse which can be more likely with slot and hook beam to upright connections.

Pallet Racking Uprights

There are four standard grade pallet rack uprights in the Apex pallet racking range and they offer load capacities for most applications. Inserts and double posts give upgrade options which enable frames to be used in installations upto 40m high for crane operated and rack clad applications.


By using a warren girder pattern and swaged bracing frames are less prone to twisting of racking uprights due to minor forklift damage and bumps with pallets at low level. The bracing is the full width of the gap in the back of the frame and the braces are double thickness at the node where the bolts join them with the frame making them extra strong. This gives added benefits when assembling frames on site as no jigging is required and reduces repair costs.

Apex Open and Closed Racking Beams

The Apex beam range is second to none with twelve standard 'U' open section beams and eight standard 'C' closed section beams. These are complemented with walkway support beams for use in multi tier archive racks. Extra heavy duty racking installations including rack supported mezzanines steel storage racks and other such applications can benefit from extra heavy duty pallet racking beams manufactured from hot rolled tubes and channels.

Plastic Beam Locks

The Apex plastic beam lock was a huge step forward in rack safety when it was introduced in the 1980's not only does it prevent accidental dislodgment of beams by minor bumps it also explodes when a beam is over lifted by a forklift truck giving an audible warning and spraying red coloured plastic shards on the ground for an added visble warning. This does not damage the beam or frame and allows the beam to be relocated safely with a new beam lock just pushed into place. This is a great advantage over devices that merely try to prevent the beam from being dislodged as the forklift driver may continue to lift damaging the frame or beam or indeed both. In extreme cases because the pin may shear it is possible for the driver to start to move dislodging the beam and causing the pallets to fall.

Buying Apex Pallet Racking

Storage Solutions are extremely experienced in the design installations of Apex pallet racking. Through our sister company Mikado Computing we have developed a unique design program that enables the most cost effective design to be employed this program is unique and was the result of an investment totalling in the region of £100K. By using the system major projects have been won including the contract to fit out 99p Stores central distribution centre at Pineham near Northamton and an 800,000 box archive store for TNT. These prestigeous jobs are few and far between so do not hold back because we are happy to sell you a spare beam lock a spare frame as well as a warehouse full of racking.

If you have a very technical application our MD Peter Sully who was involved in the design of the Apex range and the factory it is made in is always willing to help.

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Apex pallet racking

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